Last year I was doing a bit of research online about making your own nail polish. Whilst that didn’t really take off, I did get my hands on some holographic pigment which I’ve been enjoying using. The pigment, called SpectraFlair, is used in car paint and can also be mixed into nail polish for a holographic finish!

I bought 3 grams of SpectraFlair grade 35 powder (this is one of the coarser grades, for a chunkier holo look) and some ball bearings, for which I paid around £25. You need a really small amount to give a nail polish a holographic effect – in fact adding too much can make it look grey and ruins the effect! I added a small amount of the powder into Barry M 292 Navy and ended up with an amazing and exciting holographic shade!

As of July 2012 the rules over shipping this product changed, so you can only buy SpectraFlair already suspended in clear nail polish (in a concentrated form) instead of as a powder. I’d recommend then either adding a few drops of the concentrated SpectraFlair into another clear polish for a holographic top coat, or you can add a few drops into a nail polish to completely transform it!



The seller I bought the powder from last year now stocks SpectraFlair already suspended in clear nail polish instead – it’s highly concentrated so you only need a drop or two added to a clear polish or your nail polish!
One gram of SF35 works out at around £16 including shipping to the UK