Being the magpie that I am, as soon as I saw pictures of the new Chanel Spring 2016 collection I knew I had to have Taboo. One of three nail polishes released in the collection, Taboo is the only one which will remain permanent. This was a bit of an usual release for Spring – in the bottle it looks like a distant galaxy, with swirls of purple, red and blue, with microglitter for stars!

Taboo is my first ever Chanel polish, and I am glad I chose something so unique. I haven’t been able to find any dupes of this but I suppose it’s just a matter of time – remember all the Peridot dupes which eventually appeared? Taboo applies smoothly on the nail, although the long and thin brush isn’t the easiest to use – for the price I’d expect something a little more ergonomic. I used two coats, as although it appeared opaque after one coat there were a few small bald patches which needed covering. Taboo dried quickly and to a smooth finish, and I applied one coat of top coat.

On the nail, Taboo is a vampy deep purple with complex red and blue shimmers. I love how the shimmers catch the light and lift the colour, although from far away it can look like you’re wearing black polish.

I was really disappointed with the lasting power of this shade. I’ve heard that Chanel polishes tend to chip quickly, and I found that I had lots of tip wear and chips after one day (as seen on my Instagram photo). I wouldn’t mind so much if it was a cheaper polish, but it’s the most expensive one I’ve ever bought! I forgive Taboo a little bit because it’s so unique, I’d probably be weeping into my purse if I’d bought a more simple shade. I’ll be doing some research into top coats as I’d like to enjoy Taboo for more than 24 hours at a time!

Would you spend £18 for a one night stand with Chanel Taboo?