I must confess, I never really got into the whole The Hills/The City thing, although I’ve always been a fan of Lauren’s look.


Over twelve chapters Lauren covers skincare, haircare, diet and fitness, nail painting and makeup tips (including her winged out eye liner!). I haven’t read any of Lauren’s other books, but I was really impressed by her writing style – she comes across as very down to earth and friendly, and not at all patronising. I was really happy to see that Lauren stresses the importance of finding your own beauty, and a range of women are used to illustrate through the various chapters.



As you can see, the book is set out nicely with helpful pictures and just enough text. I think the chapters make the book very easy to dip into and it is nice to go back to certain points when you need them.

Lauren doesn’t mention any brands in the book as she doesn’t want it to become ‘outdated’ when new products are released. You can find out about Lauren’s favourite products on her blog LaurenConrad.com.

Lauren Conrad Beauty would make a great gift for someone just getting into makeup and beauty, right through to someone in their twenties who is looking for a few tips or perhaps a new look!

I was amazed to find this book for under £10